Reliable Identification Through Innovation

We are a Tubular and asset tracking company, using innovative installation and tracking methods.

Scanning the Tag

The TagSee How it Works...

We have developed a stainless steel tag that is laser engraved with a 2d code. This code is read by a scanner or a generic number for visual recovery of the serial number. This tag is primarily engineered to fit in the OD of the pin end of a tool joint on drill pipe; however, we can modify the installation methods to make this more practical for many different assets. These tags are tested and proven to withstand many of the down hole obstacles that affect other types of tagging devices. They have been tested in temperatures up to 800 °F. They are not affected by magnetism. They have also been tested successfully in salt water and other chemicals and have undergone the rigorous vibration and rotation experienced while drilling in both straight and lateral wells.